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Day 117

I have missed far, far too many days. I believe I am over a month behind at this point. That is way too long to go without putting pen to paper. Too many distractions. Work. Other projects. I’m rusty. Easing my way back in slowly. I tell myself I need to do THREE drawings a day to get caught up, but then get overwhelmed and do nothing. And there are sculptures, photoshoots, Cetonia Designs, and other personal projects I’m dying to get started on. So, for the time being, just one drawing a day. But there WILL BE one drawing a day. Once I’m warmed up, I’ll aim for more.

Started this one awhile ago and never finished it. It feels off to me. The hands definitely. I should force myself to just sit and draw nothing but hands for a week. Maybe I will.

Inspired by #Chokelate of Lockshop, Tumblr etc… because I LOVE that girl’s face (and would be the happiest girl ever if I could get her to model some Cetonia bugs for me… hehehe).

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